Logo List

A logo list section is a great way to showcase information about your store, without losing too much retail space. Here a few ways to take advantage of a logo list:

  • Partner logos: Feature the logos of partner companies, manufacturers or companies. Link to their sites so customers can find out more about them.
  • Brand or designer logos: Showcase your top or most requested brands or designers and link each one to a collection or page with more information about that brand or designer.
  • Press mentions: Add logos of publications or broadcast programs that have featured your company. Link each logo to the article on the media outlet’s site or a screenshot of the article hosted on your own Shopify page. Popular section titles for this type of usage are “Featured in” or “As seen on”, etc.
  • Promotions: Feature current sales with small images that describe each one (such as “70% off” in a starburst or bubble). Link each image to the collection or relevant product.
  • Awards: Show the logos or seals of various awards you’ve been honored with. Link each one to the organization or a blog post about the award.
  • Memberships: Showcase the professional or industry organizations you belong to. Link each one to the organization’s website or a blog post announcing your membership.
  • Meet the Team: Upload images of each of your staff members and link each of these to their own profile page or link them to your About page.
  • Certifications: If your products are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, handmade or another unique characteristic, upload images of the certification seal (or make your own) and link each one to a page that gives users more information about what the certification means. We can also make custom icons for you.